wedding ceremony and reception in nyc brooklyn
Filming your wedding is like shooting a movie, but in real time. That means we have little or no chance to set up or repeat shots like they do it in Hollywood. The important parts of your day like the ceremony, first dance, maid of honor and best man's speeches are recorded in documentary style as they happen with just one take. This kind of non-scripted work requires improvisation, flexibility and extreme professionalism from your nyc wedding videographer. Being throughoutly familiar with lens angles, camera settings and sound equipment is crucial in order to get real time high quality footage.

Of course there are parts of a wedding day when we have more freedom to experiment with different shooting techniques. The getting ready shots, photo and video shoot in a park or other interesting location offer the opportinity to express our creative cinematic style. We might direct you to pose or do simple things so this kind of cinematic style requires a little input from your side too. The result is usually worthy since these shots can significantly add to the visual variety of your video.

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