Available Light and Flash Photography

Available or ambient light is present at all time and spreads evenly in space coming from all directions filling up every little corner. This kind of indirect light gives a more three dimensional look to the pictures. Ideally our photographer would always want to use available light for your wedding pictures. However in some locations sufficient amount of ambient light is not always present. These locations are usually indoor spaces like dark churches and reception ball rooms. Luckily today's modern digital cameras have improved dramatically in taking pictures in these dark locations.

When available light is not enough in the scene our photographer has another option: flash photography. Unlike ambient light which usually comes from all directions, flash or direct light comes from a single point in space resulting in flat looking pictures without depth. Pictures taken with flash lack the three dimensional look of available light shots. Indirect lights always result in better looking wedding images than the ones taken with direct light. A possible solution to improve flash photography is to bounce the light back from a nearby surface making it indirect.

Another use of flash is to mix it with the available light already present in the scene. On a bright sunny day around noon when the sun is highest on the sky we have to deal with very well lit areas alongside with some dark, deep shadows cast by the strong sun. It is simply not possible to get details in both sunny and darker areas in the same picture so our photographer uses flash to fill any shaded area that is out of the sunlight.
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