bridal party at wendy's in long island

Tips for helping your videographer

About time management and selecting nearby locations

Get ready earlier. Give enough time for the photo and video shoot. If you plan to visit a location between your long island wedding ceremony and reception, consider driving time and traffic. Driving two hours for a 10-15 minutes shoot is a bad idea unless the place is really unique. Remember, nice video shots don't just happen in two minutes. They need a bit of preparation and set up.

Don't whisper your vows

Although we use wireless microphones to capture your vows they will sound better if you say them loud and slowly.

Ring Exchange

When it comes time for exchanging your rings try to turn to the cameras so we can take a good shot of this important highlight. Remember we won't have another chance to capture this moment so a little help from you can help us a lot to record it properly.

Warn us of upcoming events

To help everything go smoothly it's important to communicate with your videographer so we have enough time to prepare the cameras to capture the toasts, special dances, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss. Just a small, 5-minutes warning can confirm that we are in the right place. Your DJ or MC can help you to make sure all your vendors are prepared for what is about to happen.
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