With all the colorful, vibrant costumes and rituals, soulful music, indian wedding celebrations are great subjects for videography. They usually last for days with several different ceremonies. We use tripods to eliminate shaky shots during these long ceremonies.
indian bride sangeet night
Sangeet Party is an indian pre-wedding affair held as a joint event uniting the bride's and groom's families. The Sangeet Party was originally attended by women but in modern times it's an opportunity to experience a piece of indian culture for everyone. Family and friends tease and bless the couple with songs and special performances. The songs are accompanied by traditional indian folk dances like the Garba dance. The Garba dance is performed by women moving in a circular motion around a figure or image representing God. The dancers clap their hands, spin around and synchronize their steps to the beat of the music. The circle symbolizes the cycle of life and its never-ending nature. It's a very fluid, graceful and flexible dance. Our ny new york indian wedding videographer uses tripod with wheels to follow the dancers and to smoothly move around the camera on the dance floor.

Another featured dance at new jersey Sangeet Parties is the Dandiya Raas also called the Dance with sticks where the dancers form two circles one of them smaller inside the other. The two circles are revolving in opposite directions. The dancers strike the sticks with their partners and hit their own sticks together as well in a rhythmic movement as you can see it in our new jersey indian wedding video sample. Often to make the dance a little easier, in the United States the dancers just form two rows instead of the circles.

indian dance video in new jersey
These dances have religious meanings but at the same time have become very popular at ny and nj indian weddings and other cultural events.

The main wedding day usually starts with the Wedding Baraat which is the groom's arrival to the ceremony. He is accompanied by his family and friends. This procession often has it's own musicians and drummers playing high energy songs for the dancers. The crowd is then welcomed and joined by the bride's family at the reception venue and the day continues with the main ceremony under the Mandap.

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