columbia university wedding couple
Good video is shot with the vision of the final product in mind. Our videographers understand that camera work is part of a larger process of producing the completed video. It's important to have an idea of what the finished movie should look and sound like and how the individual shots will tie into the whole story. Without this approach it'd be harder to create a smooth flow of events telling the story of your special day. That's why our videographers at Top Photo Video edit their footage themselves. Keeping the entire workflow in one hand makes the editing session more effective and time saving and gives our videographer a chance to analyze and rethink the footage. That's how editing helps our crew to become better shooters.

Although shooting weddings is basically an unscripted work, the cameraman should still have a basic virtual storyboard in mind. The movie should follow a chronological path of your day with a beginning, middle and end. Being familiar with editing makes it easier to keep track of the necessary shots that build up the final video.

Besides the essential and obvious parts we also record some scene setting shots to make sure there is enough visual material to tell the entire story. Often these shots don't have much meaning on their own but they serve as frames for different scenes and give the editor options to work with.

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