Of course it's our job to make sure your wedding photos will come out nice but with these few simple tips and ideas you can help your photographer to take better pictures.
Choose a family member to gather the people for the family group photos. This way you will have more time to enjoy the cocktail hour and mingle with your guests.

Some of you might argue with this one, but your wedding bouquet should be any color but white or at least should be a mixture of white and some colorful flowers. White flowers will blend in with your dress and almost doesn't show. Just think about it: The groom will wear all black and white and the bride will be all white. Where are the colors then? So spice it up a little and make that wedding bouquet nice and colorful.

If your time table allows it try to see each other before the ceremony. This might be the only intimate moments you can spend together away from the guests. It's also a good time for a little photo shoot of the two of you together which can save time later on for the family photos. Wheather it happens on the aisle in front of the crowd or in a more intimate setting at a park in New Jersey, this moment is always a great opportunity for your photographer to grab some wonderful candid shots.

At the beginning of the ceremony when you walk down the aisle, take your time and walk slowly. Enjoy every step of these wonderful moments and don't forget to look up and smile. Same thing applies when you are leaving the ceremony with your loved one.

Group shots should be taken by one person at a time. Standing right next to the main photographer, guests taking pictures with tiny cameras and cell phones usually divide the group's attention. The result: everybody (including the main photographer) ends up with bad pictures of people looking all over the place.

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